About Us

Dimensions of Culture® was launched in January of 2008 to support cross-cultural training in the first thirty private pediatric practices in Colorado to affiliate with Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program. CCHAP is a non-profit with the goal of providing a medical home for every child in Colorado, thereby reducing health disparities in underserved populations.

One barrier to health equity for all patients and families is the significant challenge medical providers face in communicating with patients/families  from so many different cultures. Culture affects the attitudes and beliefs that drive people’s behavior – the way they seek treatment, interact with health care professionals, and comply with treatment recommendations. When combined with language barriers and the cost of medical interpretation services, cross-cultural communications challenges in health care are immediate and extremely pressing.

Today CCHAP provides a broad range of support services to over 120 private pediatric practices across Colorado. There are over 100 family practices in the network as well.  Cross-cultural communications training continues to be one of the most important services CCHAP offers its practices and this website has proven extremely useful in supporting these on-site trainings.

With newsletters, an active blog on cross-cultural topics in health care, up-to-date resources and much more, www.dimensionsofculture.com has become a dynamic quick-access educational tool. In addition to CCHAP private practices, this site’s audience now includes faculty, staff, residents, and fellows in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine as well a health care professionals at The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado.