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“One of the key barriers we identified was the challenge of providing culturally sensitive care to patients and families from diverse cultures. CCHAP needed to provide support services to private pediatric practices in this important area of patient care.”—Dr. Steve Poole, CCHAP Executive Director


This Dimensions of Culture site was launched in January of 2008 and supports the cross-cultural trainings offered to private pediatric practices in Colorado affiliated with CCHAP.

CCHAP (Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program) is a non-profit organization devoted to ensuring that every child enrolled in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) receives comprehensive health care from a primary care provider – a “medical home.” Additionally, all pregnant women covered by Medicaid or CHP+ receive comprehensive prenatal services.

A Brief History:
In 2006, there were approximately 180,000 children in Colorado, either enrolled in or eligible for Medicaid and CHP+, who were unable to find a medical home. Colorado has a strong public health system, but it does not have the capacity to address this problem. A survey conducted in 2006 by the Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program found that only 20% of private pediatricians and family physicians accepted Medicaid or CHP+. The survey identified 12 specific barriers to private pediatricians and physicians participating in these government-funded health programs including poor reimbursement, problems processing claims, the need for social services support for the families.

CCHAP works closely with state Medicaid, the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians . Since 2010, 95% of all private pediatric practices in Colorado have affiliated with CCHAP.