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Marcia Carteret, M.Ed.

Director of Intercultural Communications, CCHAP
Instructor, Department of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Office: 720-777-3124
Fax: 720-777-7338

“Contact me if you’d like to arrange a cross-cultural communications or “triple threat” training for your organization. Also, if you have questions or comments about this website, I am the editor and will be glad to hear your ideas.”


Rhonda Buckner

Executive Assistant University of Colorado School of Medicine Office: 720-777-5775

Fax: 720-777-7278

“I am the person to contact for arranging cross-cultural presentations within the 22 sections of the Department of Pediatrics at University of Colorado School of Medicine. I am also the main contact for the department’s Cross-cultural Healthcare Committee.”


Kevin C. Heckman

Program Administrator Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program (CCHAP) Office: 720-777-6309 Fax: 720-777-7338<

“Ask me about the advantages of affiliating with CCHAP and our growing network of more than 200 pediatric and family practices statewide.”