Cross-Cultural Communication Training

→For over a decade, we have been a recognized name in cross-cultural communications training for healthcare professionals.We have helped staff and providers in over 120 private pediatric and family practices, clinics, and hospitals be more effective with patients and families from ALL cultures.


“Our focus is on practical strategies and communication skills for more successful interactions between providers and patients from all cultural backgrounds.”  — Marcia Carteret


The Core Concepts of Our Program 

  • Everyone has a culture – Americans struggle to understand their own culture which leads to difficulties in learning effectively about cultural difference.
  • The culture of western medicine in the U. S. is a highly specific professional culture with a style of communication that is often hard for outsiders – i.e. patients – to understand.
  • Our responses to cultural difference are automatic, often subconscious, and can have strong influence on the patient-provider relationship.
  • Successful health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment depends on more than a casual awareness of culture-bound health beliefs.
  • Healthcare professionals need training in specific communication skills to increase their effectiveness in cross-cultural care.
  • Awareness of how cultural barriers contribute to low health literacy is essential.
  • Skillful use of interpreters in the clinical setting reduces costs and improve health outcomes.


We Offer Both On-Site Trainings and Web-based Trainings

→On-site Trainings: Contact us to discuss the specific training needs of your healthcare organization—private practice, hospital, clinic, FQHC, and more. We will work with your team to implement cross-cultural and low health literacy communication trainings that will: 1) fit your busy schedule 2:) meet your team’s specific needs—from front office staff to doctors and nurses.


→CCHAP Affiliated Practices: We have helped staff and providers in over 120 private pediatric and family practices be more effective at every step of the patient experience.  Any private pediatric or family practice that is a member of Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program automatically can receive training. There is no charge for in-practice lunch hour sessions.


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